Personal Finance


Estate Planning

We help structure your financial affairs to transfer and preserve your wealth in an orderly, efficient and effective manner. We look at your objectives including:

  • providing sufficient retirement income,
  • providing for the orderly transition of one’s estate to the surviving members of a family,
  • the deferral and minimization of income taxes including probate fees and to provide liquidity to pay taxes and corresponding expenses arising from death.

Retirement Planning

  • When should you start to plan for retirement?
  • Should you top off your RRSP or pay down your mortgage?
  • How much money will you need after retirement?
  • How much insurance should you carry?
  • When should you convert your RRSP to a RRIF?

These are some of the many financial planning issues we discuss when addressing your retirement and estate planning concerns.

Education Funding

Parents obviously want to plan for the college education of their kids. How will it all be funded? What are RESPs? Education is costly, but there are programs and methodologies that can help. Educational planning involves ways to make sure your children can attain post-secondary education without undue hardship.